Create Content Entries

We are going to create some categories, tags, and many posts(to make the pagination process for the frontend) entries, we will not create any comment, because we will create the comments from the frontend.

Create Tags Entries

Navigate to http://localhost:3333/contents/tags/new to create the tags entries.

Add Tag

Enter Tag1 in the Title field and hit save.

Add Tag1

Repeat the process and create two other tags, Tag2 and Tag3. now if you navigated to http://localhost:3333/contents/tags/list the tags list should look like.

Tags List

Create Categories Entries

Navigate to http://localhost:3333/contents/categories/new to create the categories entries.

Add Category

Enter Category1 in the Title field and hit save.

Add Category1

Repeat the process to create Category2, then create a third category Category3 and this time click on Select Content button in the Children field and select Category1 and Category2 and hit Done.

Select Content Button

Select Child Categories


Click on the Save button.

Now if you navigated to http://localhost:3333/contents/categories/list the categories list should look like.

Categories List

Create Posts Entries

Navigate to http://localhost:3333/contents/posts/new to create the posts entries, together we are going to create one post, however, I'll create about 100 posts programmatically in order implement the pagination process at the frontend, feel free to create as many posts as you like.

Add Post

Enter some text in the Title and Body fields and select a featured image and random categories and tags and hit Save.

Final Post Data

After creating some posts the posts list should look something like:

Posts List